Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Patch Fixes Potential Act 5 Crashes, Adds Cargo Sorting at Vendors

Survival Instinct should now function properly, and Machine Spirit Scan Protocols won’t afflict your team with Exploit stacks.

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, Owlcat Games’ turn-based RPG based on the beloved sci-fi universe, has received a new patch. It’s focused on bug fixes, removing potential crashes in Act 5 and other improvements, starting with Survival Instinct applying its 20 percent armor and Dodge bonus correctly if you have temporary wounds.

Other bugs, like companions losing their convictions in new games, have been fixed. Cargo sorting is available in the vendor interface, and Story difficulty has seen adjustments to make things easier. Units on stairs will also move correctly between areas, and various skills have been fixed. For example, Machine Spirit Scan Protocols will no longer stack Exploit on allies, while Steady Superiority (Upgrade 3) applies to each attack instead of each bullet.

Check out some of the patch notes below with full details here, but beware of story spoilers. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

Patch 1.0.97 Notes

System and stability

  • Fixed the possible crashes in Act V


  • The display of an attack preview when being in a full cover was corrected. Now the previews are shown from the exit position point and not from the position behind the cover
  • An explanatory conversation was held with the allies, now they will stop shooting you in the back with burst attacks
  • Now every companion has their own cost for respecialisation. Also, each of them will get three first respecialisations for free
  • Continuous Analysis talent now correctly applies stacks only on the Operative’s turn
  • Assassin’s Killing Edge ability now correctly increases the damage by Lethality% if hitting an opening
  • Warrior’s Clenched Teeth talent now correctly gives Deflection against the attack of each enemy
  • Talent-like features granted by colony projects often did not work correctly – fixed
  • Emperor’s Voice ability now always applies to companions
  • Flame weapon expert talent was reducing the firing cost of some abilities to zero – fixed
  • Using the Sword of Faith psychic power and then saving the game in the middle of combat, caused an error leading to a loss of equipped weapon – fixed
  • Steady Superiority (Upgrade III) now correctly provides one stack for each attack (previously applied for each bullet)
  • Machine Spirit Scan Protocols no longer apply stacks of Exploit on allies
  • Blessing of the Data-Angels increased enemy armor instead of increasing armor penetration – fixed
  • Some adjustments were made to the Story difficulty to make it easier
  • Death World’s Survival Instinct feature now correctly applies its 20% armor and Dodge bonus, while you have temporary wounds. Note: as the bonus is situational, the 20% armor will stay invisible on the character screen, but will be correctly applied to the attacks


  • Phantom Cloak did not reduce warp damage – fixed
  • Thunder Hammer and Mace animations were changed
  • Devastating Navigator staves are allowed to use any navigator power twice, not just attacking powers – fixed
  • Expeditionary Footwear increased dodge until the end of combat instead of until the wearer’s next turn – fixed
  • Laughing God’s Pendant had technical id’s in the description instead of the formulas – fixed
  • Vendors and Space Marines quest rewards were updated
  • Psyker’s Breastplate now gains an additional +1 Psy Rating in case of any Perils of Warp or Psychic Phenomena


  • Units on the stairs now will move correctly between areas


  • Fixed the size of the Aeldari models
  • Fixed the background animations for epilogue slides

User Interface

  • Fixed display of discounts in the vendor interface
  • The visual effect could not disappear after using the Point of Curiosity ability – fixed
  • Added cargo sorting in the vendor interface
  • Improved experience of interacting with the group interface on PC. Scrolling through a group and constantly jumping to the first member of the group – fixed


  • Rewards of the Dark Sages and the Capella Biologis projects were swapped – fixed
  • The Capella Biologis project now requires Explorators’ reputation instead of Kasballica’s
  • The Dark Sages project now requires Kasballica’s reputation instead of Explorators’


  • Another part of the missing names was added to the Credits and Shrine of Remembrance
  • Interchapter could fail to play when processing to Act V – fixed
  • Some companions lost their convictions in new games – fixed