Exoprimal: The Hunt Is On With a New 10-Player Monster Hunter-Themed Co-op Mission

Hi, everyone! Your local, friendly Aibius Corp. PR rep here to tell you about the latest free Title Update coming to Exoprimal, and just in time, too – Exoprimal is on sale for 50% off across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC now through January 30! Buckle up because we have two new 10-player co-op missions with boss fights – including a truly special Monster Hunter crossover – new Exosuit variants to take for a spin, a new map to explore, more rigs and modules to augment your gameplay, and out-of-this-world cosmetics that’ll have you looking like you’re living in 3043 while everyone else is stuck in 2043. Don’t check your calendar, check out what we have in store for you!

We’re proud to share that our roster of Exosuits will be expanding with a set of unlockable β (Beta) variant suits! Just like the α (Alpha) suits before them, these suits have unique weapons that change up the way you play, adding new ways to roast dinosaurs and toast the competition. And that’s not the only roster that’s getting an upgrade: the list of missions provided by Leviathan, who we’ll remind you is our extremely stable, reliable, and trustworthy AI, is also expanding with two new 10-player co-op missions!

Exoprimal Screenshot
The Barrage Beta Variant Exosuit

First up, we have the Neo Triceratops. This multi-horned terror has been uphanced on its journey through time, resulting in fun-tastic mutations that you wouldn’t see on a normal dinosaur. While a typical Triceratops is a challenge on its own, this is a particularly vicious fight that requires rival squads to work together as a team of 10. Skilled Exofighters who exhibit how teamwork makes the dream work will be rewarded with bonus existence. Do your best out there!

In addition, Aibius Research and Development has recorded what appears to be a Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series (based on data recovered from charred Exosuits). While we’ve seen our fair share of dinosaurs, we haven’t seen anything quite like this. Rathalos is capable of flight, fire breathing, and devastating attacks with its tail, claws, and body. We’ve even received reports that small, raptor-like creatures called Velociprey tend to show up alongside the Rathalos as well. Good luck coming back in one piece! Remember, per your employee agreement, Aibius is not responsible for any on-the-job loss of pieces.

Following in the footsteps of Monster Hunter: World, seasoned Exofighters may begin to see monster tracks across a variety of maps while working towards Dino Survival objectives. In Monster Hunter: World, gathering up enough tracks will help guide you to the monster that you’re looking for. What do you suppose that means if you gather enough of them in Exoprimal? (That’s your cue to go find some tracks, Exofighters!)

Exoprimal Screenshot
The new Stealth Rig in action.

We’re also pleased to bring some additional information on this monstrous encounter to you, courtesy of Exoprimal’s development team!

Several members of Exoprimal’s dev team have also worked on Monster Hunter titles in the past, so they felt that bringing these two worlds together was a natural fit. It makes sense, really, as both Exoprimal and Monster Hunter are about a team of people working together to take down fearsome foes. When fans expressed their hopes that there would be a crossover with Monster Hunter in the future, the Exoprimal team decided that they’d lock it in.

In addition, the Rathalos is an iconic monster from the storied series, so it felt like a natural fit to include this flying wyvern as both a representative of Monster Hunter and as a formidable threat in Exoprimal. Based on player feedback and the popularity of 10-player missions, the dev team adjusted the scope of this boss battle to ensure it was both fun and challenging for a 10-player hunting party.

Valentine’s Day skins.

The dev team also made sure that the Rathalos’ movements and attacks are true to Monster Hunter, re-creating the thrill of the hunt for Exofighters while reinforcing the role-based co-op gameplay and strategy that Exoprimal is built on. We won’t spoil the details, but fans of Monster Hunter who know the tricks of the trade will have an edge when it comes to fighting the Rathalos. Meeting certain conditions will also change the in-game music. Make sure you’re communicating with your fellow Hunters – er, Exofighters – to work together and make your hunt successful!

That about wraps things up for us, but there’s even more included in Exoprimal’s Season 3 update, including new Monster Hunter cosmetics, a new season of the Survival Pass, limited-time campaigns for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day, and a Double XP Campaign on top of the rigs, modules, map, Exosuit variants, and boss fight missions we already mentioned. Exoprimal is available now for 50% off, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to pick it up while it’s on sale and join the hunt on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (also available with Game Pass)!