Destiny 2 – Raid Master Mode and Challenge Rotation Arrives Tomorrow

Master Mode players can earn Adept raid weapons from Root of Nightmares though options for enhancement are coming later.

Bungie has confirmed that Raid Master Mode is coming to Destiny 2 tomorrow, with challenges rotating weekly. The latter adds a hidden objective for one encounter weekly that grants additional loot. While this translates to double drops on Normal difficulty, Master Mode players will receive an Adept raid weapon.

Of course, you can also earn armor with a stat focus that rotates weekly on Master Mode, so it’s worth checking out. Adept weapons from Master Root of Nightmares can be enhanced, but that won’t be available until a patch arrives mid-season. In the meantime, hang onto the decent rolls since they’ll support enhancement.

Bungie also addressed the difficulty surrounding Nezarec, the final boss of Root of Nightmares. “Sometimes, Nezarec doesn’t always respond to players when they are standing in a Well of Radiance. In a future update, we will be updating this behavior, which should make Nezarec feel more like the Final God of Pain.

“While it is our philosophy to avoid making dramatic tuning changes to an activity once it is live, we feel it better to address the responsiveness of the boss and accept that it may alter current strategies and increased the level of challenge.” An issue that caused the jump pads in the raid to accidentally kill players playing at high frame rates is also being investigated.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.