Exoprimal Season 3 Receives New Trailer Showcasing Monster Hunter Content

Season 3 starts January 18th and includes new co-op boss fights, the Jungle map, new skins and four Beta Variant Exosuits.

Season 3 of Capcom’s Exoprimal is nearly upon us, going live on January 18th and promising the most content yet. It adds a new map, Jungle, Monster Hunter-focused content, and a Double XP Campaign (which lasts till January 22nd). Check out the latest trailer below.

When playing in Dino Survival, players can collect tracks and begin a special mission leading to a fight against Rathalos. It’s a co-op fight for ten players and also features several Velociprey. Rewards include a Rathalos Armor skin for Murasame, Kirin Armor for Skywave, Nergigante Armor for Barrage and a Rajang skin for Roadbolock.

There are also emotes, charms, decals and stamps based on Monster Hunter to collect. The season also debuts another ten-player co-op fight against the Neo Triceratops and new Beta Variant Exosuits for Deadeye, Barrage, Roadblock and Skywave. New Rigs and Modules are also being added.

If that weren’t enough, some limited-time events are coming up, with the Lunar New Year Campaign running from January 31st to February 12th, awarding a Lion Dance hat skin. The Chocolate Campaign is from February 13th to February 29th and includes the Chocolate Exosuit skin.

Exoprimal is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, Xbox One and PS4.