343 Industries is Seemingly Working on a New Halo Game Using Unreal Engine 5

Reports have previously claimed that 343 Industries has a new Halo project in the works unrelated to Halo Infinite.

Following its last couple of updates, Halo Infinite has enjoyed something of a turnaround (or a mini-turnaround, at least) in recent months, and though 343 Industries is obviously going to continue live service operations for the first-person shooter, it looks like the developer also has the series’ next instalment in the works.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the LinkedIn profiles of a current and a former 343 Industries developer have indicated as much. The profile of Justin Dinges – who left the studio in March last year – states that he was serving as art director on “Halo’s next unannounced release” up until his departure, having been in that role since April 2022.

Meanwhile, senior character systems designer Ian Slutz’s profile states that he is currently involved in “building player systems and assets in Unreal Engine 5.” Why exactly is that significant? It was reported by Bloomberg around this time last year that as part of an internal reset amidst widespread layoffs, 343 Industries had dropped its internal Slipspace Engine, instead adopting Unreal Engine 5 for all future Halo projects.

You can view screenshots of both Dinges and Slutz’s LinkedIn profiles below.

Interestingly, reports have previously claimed that 343 Industries has another, unannounced Halo project in the works that is unrelated to Halo Infinite. Job listings over recent years have suggested as much, too. In the aforementioned January 2023 Bloomberg report, however, it was claimed that 343 Industries wasn’t actively working on any new single player Halo content.

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