A Critically Acclaimed First Party Xbox Game Will Release for a Competitor Platform This Year – Rumour

Speculation on the game in question has been rife, with Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush being deemed the likeliest candidate by many.

Of the three first party companies in the industry, Microsoft has been the most willing to see its first party titles releasing on PlayStation and Nintendo rather than simply as Xbox exclusives, and though it’s not something that’s happened too often (or with any of its particularly major games), we could be seeing more of it this year.

That’s according to prominent leaker NateTheHate, who recently said on an episode of his podcast that an acclaimed first party Xbox game will be releasing for “a competitor platform” in 2024. As per the leaker, the game in question was critically acclaimed and received very well by its player base, and was even in the game of the conversations the year that it came out.

The leaker stopped short of actually naming the game, though as you might imagine, there’s been no shortage of subsequent speculation, with Tango Gameworks’ acclaimed rhythm action game Hi-Fi Rush being deemed the likeliest candidate by many, in particular for a Nintendo Switch release- which, given the fact that it’s a relatively smaller-scale game, and that it wouldn’t be too technically demanding for the Switch’s hardware, does make some sense.

It’s also worth remembering that Microsoft has previously released its first party titles on Switch, with Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps both having been ported to Nintendo’s platform. Of course, until we get official word from Microsoft, all we can do is speculate, so stay tuned for more updates.