GRIME Launches January 25th on Nintendo Switch, Includes Final Free DLC

The Switch version will include the base game and all DLC, including Parting Shade, which adds a tough new area for all platforms.

After some delays, Clover Bite has confirmed that GRIME will launch on January 25th for Nintendo Switch. As the Definitive Edition, it includes the base game and all free DLCs – Colors of Rot, Tinge of Terror and Parting Shade (which launches for all platforms on the same day).

Parting Shade is the final free DLC for the 2D Metroidvania and sees players venturing to a hidden path at the top of the Weeping Cavity. Described as GRIME’s take on the Path of Pain area from Hollow Knight, it will require utilizing every ability available to succeed. Further details have yet to be revealed, but it should offer a hefty challenge for experienced players.

GRIME is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Following the launch of Parting Shade, the team will focus on GRIME 2, currently announced for PC. Players will venture to a new realm as the Formless and battle new threats