Valorant is Getting a New Double-Barreled Sniper Rifle on Janaury 9

Valorant’s new sniper is priced as a mid-point between the Marshal and the Operator at 2,400 credits.

Developer Riot Games has announced that its competitive multiplayer shooter Valorant will be getting its first new weapon since the game’s release four years ago. Dubbed the Outlaw, the new gun is a double-barreled sniper with enough stopping power to kill enemies in two hits.

The Outlaw is priced at 2,400 credits, essentially making it a mid-tier sniper rifle. The most powerful sniper-rifle in the game is the Operator, which is priced at 4,700 credits and has the power to kill targets in one shot. On the other side of the budget spectrum is the Marshal at 950 credits and considerably lower stopping power.

While its double-barreled design does offer it the unique ability to quickly get off two shots in a row, the Outlaw does have a major drawback in the form of it needing to be reloaded after two shots. The weapon’s reload animation is also quite long.

The new gun will be making its way to Valorant with the arrival of the game’s next season in Episode 8 Act 1, which is slated to hit the game on January 9.