Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Improves Console Performance, Fixes Broken Items and Abilities

Another major patch is coming next month and will include “more fixes for talents and items, balance and QoL improvements.”

Owlcat Games has released a new update for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader for PC and consoles. It fixes a “vast majority” of broken quests and cutscenes, which would block progression for players or only work when making specific choices. Several items and abilities that didn’t work have also been fixed, along with desync cases in co-op.

The update also optimizes console performance and fixes several crash cases while updating values for conviction, reputation and skill checks. On Xbox Series X/S, crashes related to memory issues have been fixed. The developer has also addressed memory leaks in the UI windows and lag in the final encounter for console players.

Update 1.0.88


  • Fixed a vast majority of broken quests and cutscenes that blocked progression or worked only for specific choices;
  • Fixed many items and abilities that worked incorrectly;
  • Fixed several desync cases for co-op;
  • Updated conviction, reputation and skill check values;
  • Improved optimization and fixed a lot of crash cases on console;
  • Added the missing names of our founders to the Shrine of Remembrance and Credits. Sorry for taking so long!

System and stability

  • Fixed lag in the final encounter on console;
  • [Xbox only] Fixed multiple memory-related crashes;
  • Added optimizations to improve FPS and reduce crashes on consoles;
  • Additional optimizations for Footfall on console;
  • Closed some memory leaks in the UI windows;
  • Equipping Reaper Cape item could cause lag – fixed;
  • Fixed a crash after choosing “Arguing with you is pointless, die!” dialogue option on Rykad Minoris;
  • Fixed a memory leak related to cover indicators in combat;
  • Fixed multiple cases of crash to the main menu with the message: “No active AstarPath object to bind to at…”
  • Fixed some cases of lag caused by enemies incorrectly processing out-of-order turns;
  • Optimized performance of the initiative tracker on console and when playing with controller