Starfield Player Notices Glaring Realism Issue When Leaving Planets

  •  A Starfield player has pointed out that you always face the planet you just took off from, further ruining the game’s realism.
  •  It is speculated that this issue occurs because flying to a planet’s orbit and leaving a planet’s orbit are coded as the same thing. Bethesda may not address this issue, but they have announced future updates and new content for the game.

From endless loading screens to “useless” dialogue optionsStarfield has a long list of problems brought forward by the game’s community. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Starfield has been one of 2023’s most controversial releases (especially given its recent review rating on Steam), but now one player has decided to add yet another glaring issue to the neverending pile.

Taking to the Starfield subreddit earlier today, user Gameslave_Timmy decided to bring attention to a glaring issue that has yet to be pointed out by the community. “Why do we face the planets that we just took off from?”, the user questioned. They went on to point out that if you’ve just left a planet’s orbit, why would your ship be facing the planet after returning from the loading screen?

The player made light work of these level 75 enemies.

It’s definitely not the biggest issue in the world, but one that you probably won’t unsee now that it has been pointed out. Some of the responses to this revelation were made in jest, such as one user saying, “Are you telling me that once the loading screen ends, and you see your ship in space… you wouldn’t immediately turn around and look at the world you just left?” But another player pointed out why this is likely to be the case.

Although unconfirmed, it was speculated by a user in the comments that this occurs because flying to a planet’s orbit and leaving a planet’s orbit are both coded as the same thing. Essentially, this means players will be presented with the same section when flying to a planet and leaving that planet’s orbit.

There’s a strong chance that this issue isn’t going to be one addressed by Bethesda. However, the studio recently confirmed in and end-of-year update that a plethora of new content and updates would be coming to Starfield in 2024. Starting from February, Bethesda is aiming to release new updates every 6 weeks. The updates will include quality-of-life improvements and new content, as requested by the community. Read more on Starfield’s future plans on the official Bethesda website.