Overwatch 2 Update Buffs and Unlocks Mauga for Competitive Play

The new Tank has received reduced health and higher armor, an increased overhealth conversation rate and other decent buffs.

Along with the return of Winter Wonderland, Blizzard Entertainment’s newest patch for Overwatch 2 is live. It unlocks Mauga for Competitive Play while providing extensive buffs to help with his survival. While his base health has gone from 350 to 250 HP, his base armor is now 250, up from 150, which means more damage resistance.

The patch also reverts the shots required to ignite opponents with Incendiary Chaingun from 15 to 10 while decreasing the spread if one Chaingun is firing. Berserker also provides a 60 percent overhealth conversation rate, up from 50. Other fixes include the default weapons for some heroes being locked behind Competitive Points.

Check out the full patch notes below. Overwatch 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s in the middle of Season 8, Call of the Hunt, which ends in February 2024.

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes – December 19, 2023




  • Mauga is now available in Competitive Play for players who unlocked him.
  • Base health decreased from 350 to 250.
  • Base armor increased from 150 to 250.

Incendiary and Volatile Chainguns

  • Number of shots with the Incendiary Chaingun to ignite enemies reverted from 15 to 10.
  • Spread decreased from 1.1 to 1 when only one Chaingun is active.


  • Overhealth conversion rate increased from 50% to 60%.



  • Fixed a bug that had some heroes’ default weapon appearing locked behind competitive points.
  • Hero Mastery – Fixed a bug with replays where only the bookmarks of the first run could be selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to thank each other.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the multi-kill voice over to fail to play.



  • Fixed a bug with Concussion Mine that allowed Junkrat to launch off of it when placed behind a wall.