Skull and Bones Receives Extensive Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer, Launches February 16

A new gameplay trailer offers details on the pirate action RPG’s open world, gameplay structure, narrative premise, and more.

Skull and Bones’ constant delays and development troubles have become something of a nuisance at this point, but it seems Ubisoft is (once again) ready to move in the direction of a firm release date. At The Game Awards, the publisher premiered a new trailer for the pirate game, confirming recent rumours that it will launch in February.

Of course, Skull and Bones has been given specific release dates before, and has been delayed more times than you’d care to count, so while I wish I could say the game will definitely stick to its release date this time, that hasn’t been the case in the past. Fingers crossed, I guess.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has also released an extensive gameplay deep dive trailer detailing Skull and Bones’ open world Indian Ocean setting, its narrative premise, its core progression mechanics, and more. The game will kick off with a shipwreck, after which you’ll choose your pirate and set off on a journey to become the most infamous pirate of the seven seas, with first mate Azna by your side.

Your main goal will be to increase your Infamy, which will lie at the heart of Skull and Bones’ progression. The more your Infamy increases, the more contracts, piracy jobs, and high-risk-high-reward ventures will open up, in turn allowing you to plunder greater rewards, get better upgrades for your ship, and more. Ships will also have their own perks and customization options, ranging across weapons, armour, and even furniture.

The deep dive trailer also goes into the game’s naval battles, contracts, treasure hunting, land gameplay, and more. Check it out below for more details.

Skull and Bones is set to launch on February 16 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.