Rocket Racing is an Arcade Racer by the Studio Behind Rocket League, Out Later Today on PC and Consoles

Rocket Racing will make use of skills that players might be familiar with thanks to their time with Rocket League.

Developer Psyonix has unveiled its new title. Based on Fortnite, the new game is a combat racing game that makes use of many of Rocket League‘s mechanics. Titled Rocket Racing, the game was announced with a trailer during The Game Awards 2023, which you can check out below.

Rocket Racing is slated to go live later today, and will be available on every platform that can run Fortnite, since it was essentially made by using the battle royale and will be playable through it. The trailer showcases the title’s fast-paced gameplay, while also showing off some of the Rocket League-based skills that players can make use of, including jumping and drifting.

Going by the game’s trailer, players will also have to avoid obstacles on the race course, which seem to include, among other things, the llama pinata that essentially acts as Fortnite‘s mascot, and the ball from Rocket League.

Rocket Racing was first announced earlier this month, with Epic Games describing it as a supersonic arcade racer. The game will also allow players to use the same vehicles between Rocket Racing and Rocket League through a cross-game Vehicle Locker.