Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Features Sightseeing Binoculars, New Cyberware and More

The new update offers improvements to other bosses, more interactions with vendors at establishments and many other changes.

The patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077’s massive Update 2.1 are now available before it goes live tomorrow, detailing other changes coming to Night City alongside the new metro system, motorcycles, Radioport and more. Check out the trailer below for a quick overview of the major new features.

Some of the other changes in the update include sightseeing binoculars at various spots in Night City to admire the world. Vendors that spawned inside kiosks and were purely decorative are now functional (though food stands remain unaffected). If you’re keen on hanging out at a bar and interacting with the vendor, you can now do that in various spots.

Improvements to Adam Smasher are included, with the Arasaka cyborg now capable of activating Sandevistan. However, there are also changes (albeit unmentioned) for Yasha Ivanov and Boris Ribakov. Two new Cyberware – Feen-X and Cogito Lattace – are also coming.

The former provides +250 percent RAM regeneration rate when the amount available drops below 3/4/5/6/7, while the latter provides increased up to 240 percent increased armor when RAM falls below 2/4/6/8/10.

Update 2.1 Patch Notes

New features

  • V’s issue with their NCART City Pass is resolved and they can now travel between the 19 metro stations located throughout Night City on 5 different lines via fast travel or riding the train itself while gazing out the window and watching the world go by.
  • V will now be able to invite their love interest to spend some time together in any of the apartments. Hangouts are a repeatable, unlimited event that become available once the romance path with a given character has concluded.
  • You can now listen to the radio while on foot (or while riding the NCART train) using the new Radioport feature. Available while you explore, it switches seamlessly to car radio whenever you get in a vehicle and turns off when quest-specific music starts playing. It is now also possible to adjust the volume directly in the radio window.
  • Added replayable car races V can take part in after finishing The Beast in Me. Look for race flag icons on the map and win the races to get eddies and a discount for the Autofixer website. Additionally, we improved the racers’ AI to make them more competitive and made enhancements so that the whole experience is much more fun!
  • Sightseeing binoculars in various scenic spots have been added as another way to appreciate Night City’s vistas.


  • You can find out more about the Accessibility features available in the game in this article.
  • Added an option to enable a bigger interface font.
  • You can now disable the timer in the Breach Protocol minigame.

Added more customization options for the HUD

  • Added a new Accessibility tab, moved the Difficulty and Subtitles settings and some of the Controls and Interface options.
  • Added a “Weapon Cycling to Arm Cyberware” setting, which allows to enable or disable cycling arm cyberware when cycling through equipped weapons.
  • UI panel’s Up/Down and Left/Right keys are now rebindable to adapt to AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards.

Quests & Open World

  • V can now be pursued by gangs after taking an aggressive approach toward them during certain gigs and main quests.
  • Gigs that involve stealing and delivering a vehicle can now turn into a car chase and a combat sequence.
  • Decorative vendors spawned inside some kiosks are now functional. Please note that food stands are not impacted by this change.
  • It is now possible to sit at various bars in Night City and interact with the vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where some gigs wouldn’t trigger after approaching the quest area.
  • Chippin’ In – Fixed an issue where Rogue would follow V around permanently.
  • Cyberpsycho Sighting: House on a Hill – Fixed an issue where Peter Greene’s body was still highlighted after scanning.
  • Every Grain of Sand – Fixed an issue where the reward vehicle for completing all Badlands gigs did not spawn.
  • Gas Gas Gas – Fixed an issue where the reward vehicle for completing all City Center gigs did not spawn.
  • Gig: Olive Branch – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to talk to Sergei Karasinsky because he did not spawn.
  • Killing in the Name – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to progress past the “Go to the signal’s source” objective because the conversation with Johnny did not trigger.
  • Life During Wartime – Fixed an issue where Panam would not get on the motorcycle when required to follow her to the gas station.
  • Space Oddity – Fixed an issue where the quest did not activate even after updating the game to Patch 2.01.
  • The Prophet’s Song – Fixed an issue where the quest could reappear as “Undiscovered” on the map.

Phantom Liberty-specific

  • Fixed an issue where enemies in some Suspected Organized Crime Activities in Dogtown did not spawn, blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue where in-game time would not pass after watching the braindance from Lizzy Wizzy’s concert. It is required to use the Skip Time option for the fix to take effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Arachnophobia and All the President’s Men achievements were not granted despite meeting the requirements.
  • The Relic Ruler achievement will no longer unlock after acquiring only one Relic Perk. Please note that this fix will not reset an already unlocked achievement.
  • Previously exclusive Iconic weapons are now obtainable in the game.
  • Alabai, Borzaya, Laika, Taigan and Volkodav Iconic weapons will now be available for purchase from the Black Market Vendor if they were not retrieved from an Airdrop.
  • Addicted to Chaos – Fixed an issue where the quest would complete automatically without actually finishing it.
  • Addicted to Chaos – Fixed an issue where the garage door would not open after entering the code.
  • Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos – Fixed an issue where Mr. Hands would not answer when called.
    From Her to Eternity – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to place the metal pin on the table in V’s apartment.
  • Get It Together – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter the Heavy Hearts club.
  • Hi Ho Silver Lining – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to talk to Mr. Hands in the Heavy Hearts club because he wasn’t interactable or did not spawn.
  • Lucretia My Reflection – Fixed an issue where the player could be stuck in a permanent holocall with Songbird after leaving the abandoned apartment.
  • Lucretia My Reflection – Fixed an issue where Reed would not call after waiting two days.
  • Somewhat Damaged – Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck in a crouching position, making it impossible to connect to the port in the core.
  • Somewhat Damaged – Fixed an issue where sprinting or jumping was permanently disabled after riding the elevator.
  • Things Done Changed – Fixed an issue where the screen could go black after calling the nurse for players who still experienced this issue on Patch 2.02.


  • Improved the boss fights with Yasha Ivanov, Boris Ribakov and Adam Smasher. Smasher will now be able to activate Sandevistan.

Added New Cyberware: Feen-X and Cogito Lattace

Feen-X: Skeleton Cyberware

  • Cyberware Capacity cost: 16
  • Armor: 8/14/20/26/31
  • +250% RAM Regen Rate when available RAM is below 3/4/5/6/7

Cogito Lattice: Integumentary System Cyberware

  • Cyberware Capacity cost: 12
  • Armor: 18/27/36/45/54
  • +200%/210%/220%/230%/240% Armor from this cyberware when available RAM is below 2/4/6/8/10

Rebalanced stats of multiple Cyberware

  • Decreased Cyberware Capacity cost for: Memory Boost, Bioconductor, Kerenzikov Boost System, Rara Avis, Reflex Tuner, Defenzikov, Cellular Adapter, Handle Wrap, Axolotl, Microgenerator, Peripheral Inverse, Leeroy Ligament System, Camillo RAM Manager.