Overwatch 2 Season 8: Call of the Hunt Launch Trailer Showcases Battle of the Beasts Mode

A new Premium Battle Pass, Weapon Skins, and a new Tank hero, Mauga, are all coming on December 5th with the latest season.

The launch trailer for Call of the Hunt, Overwatch 2’s latest season, is now available. It highlights the new content players can expect when Season 8 goes live tomorrow, December 5th. Check it out below.

Along with a new Tank hero, Mauga, there’s a new limited-time mode, Battle of the Beasts. It sees two giant-sized Orisas on each team with their Mythic skins equipped and brawling to the death. Other players must presumably tip the scales on either side, if not attempt to survive.

A new Premium Battle Pass is also coming, which includes Beast Hunter skins for Ana and Junker Queen. There are also new Weapon Skins with the Hard Light theme for Reaper, Mercy, Reinhardt and Tracer, which are likely in the cash shop.

Fans of the Hero Mastery mode can look forward to courses for Mei, Genji, Lucio, D.Va and Echo. As for seasonal events, Winter Wonderland returns on December 19th, bringing a new Winter Fair Event Pass. Year of the Dragon is on January 30th, 2024, and brings a new Prop Hunt map.