Alan Wake 2 Will Seemingly Add New Game Plus This Month

Remedy Entertainment previously confirmed that New Game Plus will feature a “new alternative narrative”.

Remedy Entertainment has put out a bevy of updates and patches for Alan Wake 2 in the weeks since its release, and though they’ve been focused on polishing the game and ironing out its technical issues, fans do still have new features and content to look forward to. For instance, Remedy confirmed prior to the game’s release that New Game Plus would be added post-launch, and it seems the time for it is almost at hand.

The studio recently took to Twitter to drop a tease for what seems to be an imminent release for New Game Plus. “New month, new game… plus?” the developer wrote, suggesting that the feature will be added sometime this month.

Previously, Remedy confirmed that Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus will not only go hand-in-hand with a new Nightmare difficulty option, but also feature new “alternative” narrative content, including new video content and Manuscript pages.

Alan Wake 2 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.