Ark: Survival Ascended is Now Available on PS5

Servers with bonus rates are available to help PlayStation players catch up with Xbox and PC, though the “Join Failure” issue persists.

It’s taken several delays, but Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Ascended is finally out on PS5. The Unreal Engine 5 remake of Ark: Survival Evolved provides a revamped UI and world map, massively improved visuals and physics, better snapping when constructing buildings, cross-platform mods and much more. Check out the launch trailer below.

While Xbox Series X/S and PC players will be ahead, PS5 players can take advantage of bonus rates on the new servers to catch up quickly. Unfortunately, the “Join Failure” issue persists on PlayStation and won’t be fixed until the next patch passes certification. There’s no ETA currently, so stay tuned for updates in the coming days.

Check out our feature for more details on Ark: Survival Ascended for Xbox Series X/S and PS5. You can also read our review of the PC version, available in Steam Early Access. Scorched Earth is the next map to be added to the game and is currently planned for launch this month.