Street Fighter 6 – Outfit 3 for Base Roster and Balance Changes Now Available

Fixes for issues with Assisted Combos, shortening the invincibility time for some actions after a Perfect Parry and more are also live.

Street Fighter 6’s base roster finally gets some new threads, with Outfit 3 available. A new trailer highlights the different looks, from a movie star-style outfit for Ken to Blanka in a Blanka-Chan outfit. Check them out below, though beware that they’ll set you back by 5400 Fighter Coins or $100.

Outfit 3’s launch coincides with balance changes and bug fixes for issues like the input buffer start timing for an Assisted Combo to start one frame slower than expected. It also fixes an issue with Assisted Combos for Chun-Li and Kimberly not continuing after trying to jump cancel while simultaneously pressing a button.

The invincibility time when performing certain actions after a Perfect Parry is shortened, and the input buffer time from wake-ups is now seven frames instead of four. Check out some of the patch notes below, including changes to DLC character A.K.I., with full notes here.

Street Fighter 6 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4 and PC.

Battle Change List (01.12.2023)

All Fighters

Assisted Combo

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Assisted Combo input buffer start timing to be 1 frame slower than expected.
  • With this fix, another issue that caused Chun-Li and Kimberly’s Assisted Combos to not continue when attempting a jump cancel at the same time a button was pressed is also fixed.


  • There was an issue that caused a Taunt to be performed when canceling into a special move from a normal attack, etc., when the player mistakenly hit other buttons at the same time. It has been fixed so that special moves cannot be canceled by Taunts on the 1st frame of the attack.

Perfect Parry

  • Fixed an issue where invincibility time was shortened when specific actions were taken after a successful Perfect Parry.

Wake-up recovery input buffer

  • Changed the input buffer time when recovering from 4 frames to 7 frames.
  • Fixed an issue where if the opponent performs a Super Art, if certain attacks are input immediately after the screen darkens, once the screen transition is finished, the move will be performed.


Crouching Heavy Kick

  • Fixed an issue where the attack was given a low hit property from frames 2 – 5. This has been fixed to a high hit property.

Chi Wen (→+Heavy Punch)

  • Fixed an issue where A.K.I.’s recovery would increase when her techniques are Perfect Parried.

Light Serpent Lash (↓↘→+Light Punch)

  • Fixed an issue where A.K.I.’s recovery would increase when her techniques are Perfect Parried.

Medium Serpent Lash (↓↘→+ Medium Punch)

  • Fixed an issue where a move would not be performed if Down was input during a successful command input when using Modern controls.

Medium Snake Step (Neutral+SP)

  • Fixed an issue where Medium Snake Step would be performed when certain commands other than the SP Button were input when using Modern controls.

Overdrive Snake Step (Assist+Neutral+SP)

  • When using Modern controls, pressing the SP Button by itself performed Snake Step. However, the canceled version of Overdrive Snake Step would be performed after Nightshade Pulse even if you were holding a direction input.
  • Due to this, if the player attempted to repeatedly press the button while inputting Overdrive Nightshade Pulse, Overdrive Snake Step would unintentionally be performed. Due to this, the canceled version of Overdrive Snake Step can only be performed with no direction input.

Entrapment (↓+2 Punches > Light Punch+Light Kick)

1. Fixed an issue where the hit effect would not be displayed on Punish Counter.

2. Fixed an issue where a mid-air opponent would look they were being thrown when specific attacks hit.

Overdrive Cruel Fate (↓↙←+2 Kicks)

  • Fixed an issue where immediately after A.K.I. jumps over the opponent, the command input would be the opposite of the original direction.