State of Decay 3 Developer Seemingly Has Another, Unannounced Game in Development

A former Undead Labs employee has mentioned having worked on “not-yet-release projects” at the studio.

It’s been over three years since the announcement of State of Decay 3, with neither developer Undead Labs nor Microsoft having provided many significant updates on it in the time since then. Even as the wait for the survival title stretches on though, as it turns out, Undead Labs might have another game in development, one that haven’t been officially announced.

As spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth, on his LinkedIn profile, Daniel Floyd – who was Senior Narrative Animator at Undead Labs for nearly ten years until February this year – has mentioned having worked on “Moonrise, State of Decay 2, and other not-yet-released projects” (you can view a screencap below).

Presumably, one of those is the aforementioned State of Decay 3, but since Floyd has mentioned upcoming “projects”, it would seem there’s at least one more upcoming title in development at Undead Labs.

As for State of Decay 3 itself, though there’s no word on when the game might launch, earlier this year, Microsoft’s president of game content and studios Matt Booty suggested that we might be seeing more of the game sometime in 2024.