Microsoft is Seemingly Closing Down the Xbox Rewards App

The company has reportedly “recreated, simplified, and integrated the Rewards experience on Xbox.”

The Xbox Rewards app – which lets Xbox users earn points that can then be spent on several rewards – has long been criticized by the Xbox community for its sluggish interface and lack of quality-of-life features, but it seems Microsoft will soon be shutting it down.

That’s as per a message that was seemingly seen by a user in Brazil upon trying to access the app (shared by Twitter user @IdleSloth84_). The message claims the Xbox Rewards app will be discontinued after the end of November, with Microsoft instead streamlining and integrating Rewards functionality through a Rewards Hub on Xbox consoles.

“We’ve recreated, simplified, and integrated the Rewards experience on Xbox, making it revolve around the gameplay and activities that gamers love the most,” the message reads (via VGC). “With the new Rewards hub on Xbox, players will no longer need to have separate apps to earn or redeem Rewards points on Xbox. As of December 2023, we will no longer publish offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, and will instead focus on new activities in the new Rewards hub.

“This change is intended to simplify and streamline the Rewards experience for players and help them access all Xbox-related offers and activities in one convenient place. The weekly series will continue until the end of November, after which it will be deactivated in the app. Rewards with Xbox will remain part of the Microsoft Rewards program, and any points you earn on Xbox will continue to be associated with points from the other parts of the program.”

Microsoft has yet to officially announce the discontinuation of the Xbox Rewards app, but if that is to happen by the end of the month as the alleged message says, the company should