Overwatch 2 – Roadhog’s Take a Breather Will Receive a Buff

Lead hero designer Alec Dawson confirms “tuning adjustments” are inbound for the ability, which should result in an overall buff.

Roadhog’s long-awaited rework finally went live in Overwatch 2, changing how Take a Breather and his Scrap Gun work while adding a new trap ability, Pig Pen. However, according to lead hero designer Alec Dawson on Twitter, there will be further adjustments.

“We’ll be making some tuning adjustments to Roadhog’s Take a Breather before the weekend (aiming for tomorrow).” Dawson noted that the hero has “jumped up in viability across all rank thresholds”, but the ability’s impact still has room to increase. When asked if this would result in a buff, he replied, “Yes.”

Take a Breather was recently changed into a resource meter with a one-second cooldown. It takes 12 seconds to refill fully and offers a 30 percent damage reduction. However, since Roadhog has no other damage mitigation, it may need further tweaks, like a faster refill rate. Stay tuned for more details when the adjustments go live.

Overwatch 2 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. Blizzard Entertainment recently revealed upcoming plans for the hero shooter, which includes a new Tank hero, Mauga, on December 5th. It also has two new heroes, a new mode and new map coming in 2024.