Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Story Trailer Reveals New Companion, Mantis Crew, and More

Cal Kestis seems to have found a sanctuary away from the Empire, with new companions to rely on, but the threat still looms.

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has received a new trailer focusing on the story and characters. The sequel sees Cal Kestis, now a full-fledged Jedi, fighting back against the Empire five years after the first game. Things aren’t quite going too well, but at least he’s reunited with the Mantis crew and has some new friends, like the mercenary Bode Akuna.

The other character is Merrin from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, acts as a companion to Cal and assists in battle. The trailer also teases a sanctuary that the Empire possibly can’t reach. Of course, knowing how the Star Wars series plays out, it seems a given that Cal and his friends will have to fight to defend it.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out on April 28th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It’s looking to be a vaster experience than the first game, with five Lightsaber stances, new Force powers and enemies to test them on, bigger planets, and much more.