Sonic Frontiers – Challenge Modes, Jukebox and Photo Mode Out on March 22nd, New Images Revealed

Cyber Space Challenge and Battle Rush offer Time Attack and combat challenges, while Jukebox has 53 songs to listen to while exploring.

After an email for the same emerged, Sega officially announced that Sonic Frontiers’ first free update launches on March 22nd at 5 PM PT. It contains new Challenge Modes, the Jukebox and Photo Mode. Check out the latest screenshots below.

The new Challenge Modes are Cyber Space Challenge and Battle Rush, available from the title screen after finishing the campaign. The former is a Time Attack mode where you race to finish several Cyber Space stages in one sprint. The latter is a battle-focused mode where you fight regular enemies, Guardians and even Titans.

Photo Mode, as the name indicates, allows for pausing the game and taking pictures. It has different filters and camera angles with options to adjust the tilt, zoom, camera speed, and more. Finally, the Jukebox lets you play songs while traversing the Starfall Islands. About 13 songs are available initially, and 40 more are unlocked by collecting Sound Memories.

Two more updates are coming this year, so stay tuned for further details. Sonic Frontiers is available for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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