Diablo 4 is Out Now on Steam

The Steam release of Diablo 4 is also currently available at a 25 percent discount, and is verified for Steam Deck.

Diablo 4 is out now on Steam, and as part of its release on Valve’s platform, the game is currently available at a 25 percent discount until October 24. The Steam release for Diablo 4 was announced earlier this month.

Alongside the game’s Steam release, Diablo 4 has also kicked off its second season, titled Season of Blood. The season brings with it a host of new content, including new vampire-based powers, as well as new enemies, activities, and unique items to hunt for.

Players will be teaming up with vampire hunter Erys to try and stop the Vampire Lord. Players can form Pacts to gain blood magic powers.

For end-game players, there are now five new bosses, each with their own Unique and Uber Unique items. The seasonal update also brings with it quality-of-life improvements, like improved gem storage and Renown rewards carrying over between characters.

Blizzard had previously announced that Diablo 4 would be fully verified for play on the Steam Deck. It is worth noting that those who already own the game on Blizzard’s Battle.net platform can also make use of some workarounds to play the game on the Steam Deck without having to buy the game again.