The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR – Free Horde Mode Update is Now Live

The new mode features faster rollercoaster speeds, encounters that escalate in difficulty and attacks that hit if you blink.

A new update is available for The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Supermassive Games’ on-rails shooter on PlayStation VR2 based on its narrative horror series. It adds Horde Mode for free, with players fighting to survive against numerous foes.

As you progress through different rooms, enemies become tougher. According to the PlayStation Store’s description, the rollercoaster also goes faster with even greater drops. Some encounters also have attacks that strike if you blink, making for an even tougher challenge. Don’t worry – if you can hit several headshots, a powerful gun is unlocked for use in the next fight.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is exclusive to PlayStation VR2 on PS5. Supermassive Games is also working on the next title in its horror anthology, Directive 8020, which also serves as the Season 2 premiere.