Older Games Will Come to Epic Games Store as Part of New Now On Epic Program

The Now On Epic program will give developers and publishers 100 percent of the game’s revenue for the first six months.

In a bid to bring more games to the Epic Games Store, Epic Games has launched its new Now On Epic program. Focusing on bringing older games from franchises to its platform, Now On Epic allows developers and publishers to sell games without Epic Games taking a cut of the sales for the first 6 months of the game’s release on the Epic Games Store.

The criteria for games to be available on the Epic Games Store as part of Now On Epic is that it has to have been released on another third-party PC platform—like Steam—or released as part of a third-party subscription service—like Ubisoft Plus.

After the first six months of sale on the Epic Games Store, the game will go back to being sold at Epic’s standard cut, where the platform owner gets 12 percent of the game’s sale value, while the publisher or developer gets the other 88 percent.

Developers and publishers can enroll in the Now On Epic program until December 31, 2024, with the final date for all eligible games being released on the Epic Games Store being June 30, 2025. Interestingly, Early Access games will also be eligible for the Now On Epic program.