Silent Hill: Ascension Receives New Premiere Trailer, Also Streaming for PS4, PS5 and Bravia TVs

Genvid’s interactive streaming series begins airing on October 31st at 6 PM PT, and will change based on audience decisions.

Genvid has released a new trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension, the interactive streaming series based on Konami’s psychological horror franchise. It’s about two families in two locations – Hope’s Junction in Pennsylvania and Stilledalen in Norway – as they deal with the deaths of those close to them. Check it out below.

Along with airing via desktop browsers, iOS and Android, it’s also viewable on PS4 and PS5 via the Sony Pictures Core app, Bravia TVs via the Bravia Core app and Xperia phones via the Bravia Core for Xperia app.

Regarding this partnership with Sony Picture Entertainment, Genvid interactive series creator and chief creative officer Stephan Bugaj said, “We’re excited to introduce the Johansen and Hernandez families into the Silent Hill universe. As they delve deeper into their own horrors, and their towns are simultaneously consumed by mass hysteria, these two families will uncover strange connections between them despite being a world apart.”

Genvid CEO Jacob Navok also said, “There has never been an experience like Silent Hill: Ascension before. It’s not a game, but an interactive streaming series that will change as the audience makes decisions together. While I’m executive producing the title, I don’t know how it will end. That is in your hands. And the content you make will be streamed worldwide on televisions and phones through our relationships with Sony Pictures, Google, Apple and others. Participating in Silent Hill: Ascension each day means you’ll be part of history that will never come again.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment New Media Distribution senior vice president Pete Wood added, “We are exploring all new territory with Silent Hill: Ascension. Through this unique venture with Genvid, we are excited to offer viewers on Sony devices a weekly catch-up on the action of Silent Hill: Ascension with full episodes of compiled scenes from this innovative, interactive series.”

Silent Hill: Ascension premieres on October 31st at 6 PM PT. After the regular season wraps up, mini-seasons where new decisions to unlock different results will go live, though a release date has yet to be announced.