The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Could Feature 40-Player Lobbies

The LinkedIn profile for former associate game designer at Naughty Dog, Ian Blake, indicates that The Last of Us’ multiplayer title would feature large player counts.

While the planned multiplayer game based on The Last of Us has been seeing quite a bit of problems in development, the game was reportedly slated to feature 40-player lobbies. The number comes from the LinkedIn profile for former associate game designer at Naughty Dog Ian Blake, whose work seems to include an unannounced multiplayer project with support for up to 40 clients.

Blake is also stated to have worked on several of the multiplayer title’s systems, including set pieces, along with refining the game further through regular playtests and feedback from QA teams. While the LinkedIn listing only refers to the game as an unannounced multiplayer title, it is quite likely that Blake was working on The Last of Us Multiplayer.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Blake has left Naughty Dog back in June, having worked there for 1 year and 7 months, starting all the way back in December 2022.

Earlier this month, a report indicated that development on the multiplayer title had been put on hold. The report does go on to mention, however, that it has not been cancelled.