Steam Next Fest Trailer Showcases Dozens Of Amazing Games That You Can Try Out For Free

The Steam Next Fest October Edition runs from the 9th up until 16th, so do make sure to take this opportunity and try out as many upcoming games as possible.

Valve has been doing a great job with its Steam Next Fest, which allows players to get a taste of upcoming games without having to attend in-person events or even pay the price of admission. The fest will be making a return this month as well, and Steam has released a trailer for the same that you can check out down below.

The trailer showcases a bunch of amazing indie games, ranging from roguelikes to boomer shooters and farming simulators to VR shooters and much more. While most of these games are indie or of the AA kind, there’s a ton of stuff to look forward to and try out.

The Steam Next fest has already begun on October 9th, and will continue up until October 16th – so be sure to make the most of this opportunity and try out anything that piques your interest. In similar news, Valve also recently launched the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 on Steam