Three Ways We Made Our Indie Game into the AAA-Sized Sandbox Adventure Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, out Now

So you’re looking at the art and title of our game and wondering what on earth is this, right? Well, in a nutshell, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a zaney, destructible open-world sandbox adventure combining combat, platforming, character customization, and collect-a-thon scavenger hunting into a solo or co-op experience. Phew! That’s a lot. And we know that. We continually hear from people who’ve played our game how surprised at just how much stuff there is to do here.

BoB water scene

But we’re a team of ex-AAA developers who’ve worked on some really big and serious games in the past so we personally enjoy creating and playing games loaded with things to do. So here are three things we did to ensure everyone’s bouncy adventure in Bang-On Balls: Chronicles can easily turn into something you can play for 40 hours or more.

1. Massive, Highly Destructible Open-world Maps Loaded with Secrets

BoB flying pig

The idea here is to give you a sandbox and in no way tell you where to go or what to do. There is a big, grand objective for each map but how and when you decide to pursue it is up to you. Even our main menu is a playable map with its own secrets and mini-games. There is honestly an absolute ton of things to do here and variety was a major priority for us when designing our maps.

BoB screenshot

Oh. And we also know breaking stuff is fun – pure and simple. So these big sprawling environments are all highly destructible. You’re a ball with the power to bounce, bash, and steamroll anything in your way – use it!

2. Let You Go Solo or Grab Friends

The game plays great in single-player, make no mistake. But I think almost everyone can agree that playing with friends just hits differently. So we made sure that Bang-on Balls: Chronicles supports single-player, two-player split-screen couch co-op, and online co-op up to four players.

BoB exterior

3. Extensive Character Customization

We make a big deal about items carrying over no matter when or how you play because character customization is a big part of the game. Each map has its own themed items which you can collect to customize your character. Some are cosmetic, while others have an actual effect on your character. Weapons, shields, hats, masks, tattoos, boats. There are around 400-plus customization items to collect and really make your bouncy buddy unique. And all are collected from just playing the game.  We have no plans for cosmetics only paid DLC.

BoB comparison

So that’s just some of what you can expect in Bang On Balls: Chronicles. We’ve been hard at work on the game for the last four years and so we’re extremely excited to finally bring it to Xbox on October 5th, 2023.