Silent Hill: Ascension Launches October 31, According to Google Play Store Listing

The community-driven streaming series is set to premiere on Halloween, according to its updated listing on the Google Play Store.

Out of all upcoming Silent Hill projects, Silent Hill: Ascension is the one that’s piqued the curiosity of many the most, given the fact that it’s not a game, but rather a game in the form of a streaming series, where players’ (or viewers’) choices and actions will determine the outcome of the story. Earlier this year, Konami confirmed that it would be releasing sometime in 2023, and it seems that release is closer than some may have expected.

The Google Play Store listing for Silent Hill: Ascension was recently updated, and as per the page’s updated version, the horror series is set to launch later this month, on Halloween, October 31. As per the listing, the first episode will premiere at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT.

If that is indeed accurate, then one would assume Konami will be making the official announcement soon, along with revealing finer details on its streaming schedule, among other things.