Total War: PHARAOH Gets New Deep Dive Trailer Exploring the Hittite Faction

The latest Total War: PHARAOH deep dive video gives us a look at the gameplay and history behind the Hittite faction.

Developer Creative Assembly has released a new deep dive trailer for upcoming strategy game Total War: PHARAOH. This time around, the studio has decided to focus on the Hittite faction, giving us a look at some of its gameplay, as well as tidbits of the real history behind the faction. Check it out below.

The Hittite faction will feature two playable leaders: Suppiluliuma and Kurunta. Where Suppiluliuma is known as the Defender, Kurunta was instead known as the Usurper. These titles also translate into gameplay, with Suppiluliuma focusing more on defenses, including legions of heavy and medium armored units. Kurunta, instead, focuses more on sabotage and subterfuge in gameplay.

A key thing that sets the Hittite faction apart from the Egyptian and Canaanite factions is the fact that the former tends to deploy much heavier units in battle. Hittite armies also feature traits that make them more suited to fighting in heavy rains, thunderstorms, and the fogs of Anatolia.

Total War: PHARAOH is slated for release on PC on October 11. Curiously, the game’s release on Epic Games Store has been pushed back to 2024.