Super Mario RPG Remake Video Compares Original and Rearranged Music

Check out composer Yoko Shimomura’s rearranged versions of Bandit’s Way and Forest Maze before the remake’s launch on November 17th.

October has only just begun, but there are already plenty of big releases to look forward to in November. Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG Remake is one and will launch next month. Along with gorgeous new visuals and fresh mechanics like triple attacks, original composer Yoko Shimomura offers a rearranged soundtrack.

However, fans can still listen to the classic SNES soundtrack. A new video on Twitter courtesy of Nintendo UK compares the two, with Bandit’s Way and Forest Maze showcased. The difference is noticeable, with the rearranged tracks having a distinct orchestra while staying true to the original melodies.

Of course, you can swap between them and choose the rendition that suits your taste. All songs will also be available in the Sound Player to listen to. Super Mario RPG Remake is out on November 17th for Nintendo Switch.