Super Mario Bros. Wonder Commercials Showcase Elephant Form, Power-ups, and Returning Boss

From transforming into Goombas to giant forms and bubbles, Mario’s next platforming adventure could be his trippiest yet.

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder is out in a few weeks and looks to be one of the finest 2D games in the series. Three new commercials are available, highlighting different mechanics of the platformer and the return of a beloved boss. Check them out below.

The first highlights Wonder Flowers, which can trigger various trippy effects, from transforming players into Goombas to shifting the perspective. It’s here that we see the return of King Boo, chasing our heroes and looking better than ever. The second commercial focuses on the Elephant Power-up, which can push heavy blocks, pour water on objects and more.

Other Power-ups are showcased in the third commercial, from a drill hat and bubbles to grappling hooks and giant forms. Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches worldwide on October 20th for Nintendo Switch.