Counter-Strike 2 Has Launched on Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has made the transition to Counter-Strike 2, Valve has officially confirmed.

Counter-Strike 2 is not out officially. Announced earlier this year, the game was handed a Summer 2023 launch window by Valve at the time, and recent activity on social media by the company that its sequel’s release was around the corner. Now, the company has confirmed that the free-to-play multiplayer shooter is available to download and play on Steam. A launch trailer has also been released to commemorate the game’s release. Check it out below.

As previously announced, Counter-Strike 2 is a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which means all items from the latter carry over into the former. Valve has, however, made changes and improvements in various areas, including all the lighting and technical upgrades of the Source 2 engine, a new skill rating system, and more.

This comes as the largest update made to Counter-Strike since the launch of Global Offensive over a decade ago, in 2012. You can download and play Counter-Strike 2 on Steam now.