Resident Evil 4 on iPhone 15 Pro Will Cost $59.99

The price for Resident Evil 4 on iPhone 15 Pro was revealed thanks to a new listing for the game on the App Store.

Resident Evil 4 for iPhone 15 Pro now has a page on the App Store, which reveals that the game is priced at $59.99. The game will also get a DLC for its Apple release priced at $19.99. The pricing can be seen in the “In-App Purchases” section of the game’s App Store page.

The price tag puts Resident Evil 4‘s release on iPhone 15 Pro and other Apple products running on the appropriate hardware in parity with the game’s price on PC and consoles back when it came out earlier this year. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a release date for the game’s smartphone version yet.

The bright side is that buying the game on the App Store allows it to be played on any compatible device. This means that Mac players won’t have to worry about buying the game again for their computers, while also being able to play on their iPhone 15 Pro and supported iPads.

Resident Evil 4, along with Resident Evil Village, got announced for release on iPhone 15 Pro during Apple’s event where it unveiled its latest flagship smartphone earlier this month. Resident Evil Village will be the first of the two titles to hit the App Store with an October 30 release date.