Far Cry 7 Will Launch Day One on Nintendo Switch 2 – Rumour

A known leaker has claimed that Ubisoft’s next Far Cry title – which itself has been in the leaks recently – will get a simultaneous launch on the Switch’s successor.

A recent leaks revealed new potential details on Far Cry 7, claiming that the next instalment in Ubisoft’s open world franchise, which is allegedly due out in Fall 2025, will feature non-linear storytelling, new investigation mechanics, and more. Now, another key potential detail on the open world shooter’s launch also seems to have emerged.

Felipe Lima, editor-in-chief of Brazilian outlet Universo Nintendo (who has previously accurately leaked a few Nintendo-related stories), has claimed on Twitter that upon its launch (whenever that ends up being), Far Cry 7 also be available day on for the Nintendo Switch 2, alongside other consoles and PC.

Previous leaks have claimed that, through the use of DLSS, the console will be able to output at 4K and 60 FPS, with ray tracing also being enabled, and if that is accurate, it would make sense to see Far Cry 7 (and other AAA multiplatform releases) getting simultaneous releases on the Nintendo Switch’s successor along with other platforms.

Recent reports have suggested that Nintendo showcased tech demos of its next-gen console to developers in behind-closed-doors at Gamescom. The console is allegedly targeting a launch sometime in the second half of 2024.