The Last Case of Benedict Fox Comes to PS5 in a Definitive Edition

Side-scrolling platformer The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be ported to PS5 as a Definitive Edition, it’s been confirmed. First released for Xbox Series X|S and PC in April, this updated version sports combat and platforming improvements, better visuals and an updated UI, enhanced enemy AI, and further gameplay features.

While a release date hasn’t been announced, The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition looks to build on the base game’s launch as well as a recent patch that worked to fix a number of issues on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It heavily tweaked the combat and animation systems, rebalanced enemies, and updated the UI and map markers to make it easier to work out where to go next. With even more improvements from this new Definitive Edition, it appears the PS5 version will be the best one yet — these updates are likely to be patched into pre-existing edtions too.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox currently commands a Metacritic rating of 71 for the Xbox Series X|S version, with many critics on the lower end of the scale complaining of bugs and glitches. It’s hoped this Definitive Edition combined with previous updates will fix those launch criticisms. Are you interested in playing this 2D Metroidvania? Let us know in the comments below.