As part of IGN First coverage for the month, Gunfire Games revealed new details for Remnant 2. After the Gunslinger, it revealed the Handler, a Support class with a dog companion geared towards solo players. It also confirmed that the Souls-like shooter would launch in Summer for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the trailer below.

The dog has separate modes, each fulfilling a different role. As principal designer Ben Cureton states, “Every time I toggled between these options, the dog’s bandana would change color to reflect which role he currently had equipped.” The modes include Guard Dog, where it howls and aggros enemies in an area; Support Dog heals you and allies; and Attack Dog increases his damage.

Furthermore, you can use the ping system to send it to specific places and then press a button to recall it. Perhaps the best feature is the Prime Perk, Bonded. If you have a Dragon Heart and go down, your dog will use it to revive you. Of course, it also revives allies if they’re downed and have Dragon Hearts.

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