Witchfire Overview Trailer Details Gameplay Mechanics, Calamities

Learn more about the world and your mission as a Preyer, gathering Witchfire and weapons to confront the all-powerful Witch.

After its initial announcement at The Game Awards 2017, The Astronauts’ Witchfire is now available in early access for PC via the Epic Games Store. The rogue-lite first-person shooter sees players as a Preyer sent to hunt down a powerful Witch and recover an artifact. Check out the new overview trailer explaining the setup and mechanics.

Upon arriving at their destination (with two maps available in early access), the Preyer must replenish Witchfire, the source of their power, by slaying enemies. Dying results in loot dropping, though some currency carries over playthroughs. However, survival means the Witch unleashing Calamities, like raising the dead and generating a fog that obscures vision.

As you gain more weapons and powers, the world changes, and stronger enemies emerge to challenge you. Witchfire functions like XP, increasing your stats and unlocking new spells. Interestingly, you require magic to access certain areas and use magic objects.

Witchfire will remain in early access for the next year or so. It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year before coming to other platforms and eventually consoles.