How to Beat Parade Master in Lies of P

There are countless bosses in Lies of P, including Parade Master and Mad Donkey, that will test players’ mettle and abilities.

Like any good Soulslike, the trash mobs prove little more than cannon fodder to practice your skills before the big fight. In this case, the first boss you’ll tackle in Lies of P is Parade Master, and he’s a bit of a doozy if you’re still learning the block and parry mechanics. Here’s how to beat Parade Master in Lies of P!

Dealing With Parade Master’s First Phase

To properly deal with Parade Master, you must first realize that he has multiple phases. His first phase is relatively tame, with a charge attack, a bellyflop, and a few different swings and slams. You can easily dodge or outright block most of these before landing a few hits of your own. Just be wary because he will turn red in his rage mode, which you cannot block. You must dodge these attacks.

First and foremost, I recommend coming in swinging strong. As soon as you enter the arena, Parade Master is before you. He’ll start lumbering forth and, more often than not, start his first phase with a few slam attacks and a swing or two. Wait for an opening, then pop your Fable Art, specifically the one attached to your sword’s blade, not the hilt, and deal massive damage.

Like most boss fights in Soulslike titles, Parade Master is a test of attrition. You don’t want to play too aggressively, but you don’t want to let him run over you. Block and dodge when you can, then land a few attacks. Then, repeat the process. When he bellyflops, dodge backward, then rush forward to hit him as many times as possible before he rises once more.

Before long, he’ll enter his second phase. You’ll know when he rips the giant cage off and slams it to the ground before tearing his head off.

Beating Parade Master’s Second Phase

At approximately 50% health, Parade Master enters his second phase. He’ll slam the cage down, which you can dodge easily, and remove his head to use as a weapon. You can attack and deal some damage during this transition, but it’s reduced considerably.

Thankfully, even during his second phase, Parade Master’s attacks prove pretty slow and easy to maneuver around. But he does hit for more damage per hit, so be wary. In Lies of P, blocking and parrying an attack is typically better than dodging. You don’t have many I-frames here, and dodging is often slow and cumbersome.

If you’ve refilled your Fable Arts bar, pop the ability once more as soon as he slows or staggers to maximize damage output.

Parade Master Boss Drop

Upon defeating Parade Master, he’ll drop the Parade Leader’s Ergo, an Ergo Fragment containing 5,000 Ergo, and Quartz, which you’ll use later to upgrade your abilities.

We recommend hanging on to the Parade Leader’s Ergo. It’s super attractive to pop it immediately and level up a whole bunch, but there is a rare merchant you’ll meet later who will trade unique items and weapons for these boss fragments. It’s entirely up to you, though. That rush of immediate power is undoubtedly an attractive option.

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