Detective Pikachu Returns Trailer Reveals Luxray

Luxray can see through walls and also serves as a mount for Detective Pikachu when the investigative title launches on October 6th.

Though Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches later in October, it has another big release earlier in the month with Detective Pikachu Returns. The investigative adventure sees Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu searching for Harry Goodman. A new trailer is available, and though it doesn’t offer much information, Luxray is confirmed to appear. Check it out below.

Luxray is an Electric-type Pokemon, but in Detective Pikachu Returns, it can help you peer through walls (which should help in finding things). You can also ride it, like with Growlithe, who was previously shown to sniff out scents. There’s also Darmanitan, who can destroy walls and obstacles. Head here to see them in action.

Other Pokemon abilities remain to be revealed, so stay tuned for more details and potential gameplay in the coming weeks. Detective Pikachu Returns launches on October 6th for the Nintendo Switch.