Ahead of its launch a couple of months from now, Focus Entertainment and Deck13 will be unveiling Atlas Fallen gameplay tomorrow.​

Deck13 has delivered two solid sci-fi Soulslike action RPGs in recent years with The Surge and its sequel, but with its upcoming title, it’s looking to do something quite different. Announced last year with a cinematic trailer, action RPG Atlas Fallen has caught the eye of quite a few, and with its launch not not far away, it’ll soon be unveiling gameplay footage as well.

Taking recently to Twitter, publisher Focus Entertainment announced that Atlas Fallen’s gameplay debut will premier tomorrow, March 15, at 12 PM CET / 7 AM EDT / 4 AM PDT. How long the gameplay showing will be remains to be seen, but considering the fact that this will be the first time we’ll be getting a proper look at the game, and that it’s due out in just a couple of months, one would assume that we’ll be getting plenty of details on its combat, world, and more.

Atlas Fallen is set to launch on May 16 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.