Switch 2 Will Have a 12 GB RAM, The Matrix Tech Demo Was Using DLSS 3.1 – Rumour

More new potential details have seemingly emerged on Nintendo’s next-gen console following alleged behind-closed-doors tech demos.

If reports are to be believed, Nintendo showed tech demos of its unannounced next-gen consoles to partner developers in behind-closed-doors presentations at Gamescom, with both Eurogamer and VGC recently have reported the same. In the wake of those stories, further details on the Switch successor have potentially emerged as well.

As per Felipe Lima, editor-in-chief of Brazilian outlet Universo Nintendo, the Switch successor will launch with a 12 GB RAM. For comparison’s sake, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have 16 GB RAMs, while the Xbox Series S has a 10 GB RAM.

Lima also claims that the Matrix Awakens demo that Nintendo allegedly showed off to developers at Gamescom was using DLSS 3.1, not DLSS 3.5, and that true to what others have reported, the console does indeed feature support for ray tracing.

Previously, leaks have also claimed that the Switch 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) will have an 8-inch LCD screen and 512 GB of internal storage, and that it, too, will use cartridges as physical media.

Universo Nintendo has recently also claimed that a Nintendo Direct presentation is scheduled for sometime next week, though whether that will be related in any way to the company’s next-gen console remains to be seen.