Kirby’s Star Stacker, Joy Mech Fight and Quest for Camelot Available Now on Nintendo Switch Online

Four classic titles from the NES, Super NES and Game Boy Color are playable on Nintendo Switch for base subscribers today.

Nintendo has announced four new titles added to its Nintendo Switch Online catalogue of classic games. All four titles are available for base subscribers. Check out the trailer below to see them all in action.

On the Super NES side is Kirby’s Star Stacker, a puzzle game that’s a Super Famicom remake of the 1997 Game Boy version. You also get Downtown Nekketsu March: Super-Awesome Field Day!, and Joy Mech Fight from the NES era. The lone Game Boy Color title is Quest for Camelot and is the only title in this line-up to have been localized into English before now.

Nintendo Switch Online is available for $19.99 yearly, while Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack costs $49.99. While the former provides access to NES, SNES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles, the latter includes all those in addition to Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis classics.