Witchfire is Exclusive to Epic Games Store for 1 Year

Studio co-founder Adrian Chmielarz also says the goal is to “deliver enough content” to make early access feel “worth the money.”

The Astronauts’ Witchfire is finally playable later this month when it launches in PC early access. In a new FAQ, studio co-founder Adrian Chmielarz confirmed that it would be released for $39.99/€35.99 (which varies based on your region). It will remain exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a “year or so”, after which it will launch for other storefronts.

As for how much content players can expect in early access, Chmielarz said it’s a “tricky question to answer.” In short, the goal is “to deliver enough content so you are satisfied and feel the game was worth the money even in the Early Access form.”

As for the roguelite element, he clarified that you don’t lose everything on death and that each run has a purpose beyond figuring out the mechanics. “There are rewards that don’t disappear when you die. You can grow even after a failed run.”

There will be a video explaining the gameplay loop closer to release so we’ll need to wait for more details. The Astronauts also plans to release Witchfire on consoles when it’s complete, but that’s still a ways off.