Pikmin Finder is a New Browser-Based AR Game by Pokemon Go Developer

Pikmin Live has players using their device’s camera to find nearby Pikmin, who can in turn help the player out by finding treasures.

Developer Niantic has teamed up with Nintendo to release a new browser-based AR game based on the Pikmin franchise. Titled Pikmin Finder, the game revolves around players making use of their device’s camera to find nearby Pikmin in their surroundings.

Much like Ninatic’s successful Pokemon GoPikmin Finder will have different kinds of Pikmin that can be found depending on various factors, like location and time of day. Pikmin found by players will then be able to lead the players to finding treasures.

Pikmin Finder can be played through the official website. Being focused on smartphones and tablets, accessing the website on a PC doesn’t start the game, and instead points players to a QR code that can be scanned by any modern smartphone to open up the game on their device.

Gameplay for Pikmin Finder seems rather simplistic, since it just revolves around finding Pikmin and using them to get treasure, and the game seems to currently be little more than an ad for the recent Nintendo Switch-exclusive Pikmin 4