Final Fantasy 16 Will Receive Two Paid DLC Installments

Producer Naoki Yoshida acknowledges fan feedback on wanting to “see more of Valisthea’s story and spend more time with her inhabitants.”

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 received several big announcements at PAX West 2023, courtesy of producer Naoki Yoshida. That includes two “installments” of paid downloadable content that has begun development.

Speaking about the feedback received from fans, Yoshida said, “One thing that came through particularly strongly was how people wanted to see more of Valisthea’s story and spend more time with her inhabitants.” Since development just started, it will likely be some time before a release window is provided (though more details are coming by the end of the year). Nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what happens after the base game due to the loose ends.

Final Fantasy 16 was released on June 22nd for PS5 and received extensive critical acclaim. You can check out our review. Despite selling over three million units in its launch week and Square Enix considering initial sales to be “extremely strong,” it didn’t meet the “high end” of expectations.

As per Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu, part of that is the console’s install base, so the company plans to boost its sales for new adopters. The action RPG is currently 20 percent off on the PlayStation Store until September 7th, which may be part of that initiative.