Saints Row and Red Faction Will “Live on” Despite Volition Closure

Saints Row and Red Faction developer Volition has been shuttered, but its two biggest IPs still seemingly have a future ahead of them.

Embracer Group has shut down Volition, and as a studio that has been around for three decades, it’s obviously got some notable releases under its belt. But with the studio now shuttered, what will become of its properties?

While it remains to be seen whether the full suite of Volition’s IP will continue to have a future going forward, two of them certainly will in the form of Saints Row and Red Faction. The same was confirmed by Deep Silver – the publisher of both franchises – in a Twitter message following up on the announcement of Volition’s closure.

“Our thoughts go out to everyone at Volition, past and present,” Deep Silver wrote. “We’re incredibly grateful for their unforgettable work on Saints Row and Red Faction, whose IPs will live on at PLAION.”

Incidentally, it was announced by Embracer Group earlier in 2023 that by next year, three of its publishing labels will be merged into PLAION, with Deep Silver being one among them.