Counter-Strike 2 Introduces New Skill Rating System, Per-Map Skill Groups and More

Match length will be 12-round halves with overtime, and there will be regional and global leaderboards to check one’s skill.

Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 is making big changes to its systems, from overhauling Smoke Grenades into dynamic volumetric objects and sub-tick updates for servers. That extends to the skill rating and Competitive rules. In a new video, the developer outlined CS Rating, a “precise display” of one’s skill, complete with regional and global leaderboards.

There are also Skill Groups on a per-map basis, which could allow for fairer matchmaking on maps that you’re not as good at. Match length will also become 12-round halves with overtime instead of 15 rounds.

Valve will also invite more eligible players to its ongoing Limited Test. You’ll need to have CS: GO Prime Status, played most official matches in a region where it’s available, and have an active Competitive Skill Group to get in.

Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s planned to launch this Summer on PC.